About NAi Tech

To create a solution for the financial markets’ biggest problem, that has never been addressed before till this day. And that problem is that over a billion investors around the world want to know the direction of their financial asset.

We are experienced & the finest team from the domains of Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence, joined together to disrupt the financial markets.

Six companies, 250 team members, 30 years of experienced and one common goal to innovate the solution for the financial market predictions – NAi Tech

We will give an opportunity first time in the world to over 1 Billion investors through unbiased and uncontrolled directions of the financial markets for every assets.

We are pioneered the concept to change the financial market landscape through Predictions based on Wisdom of Crowd by combining Blockchain & AI.


The biggest problem in financial markets have been facing since its advent is the control of information in few hands. May it be the stock market, Forex market, Commodities, and Metals market or the sovereign or corporate debt market.

About one billion people invest in such markets around the world and not more than 20 institutions control the flow of information and predictive directions of the overall markets or its, listed assets, individually.

One billion people are about 15% of the world population and to have such a large group of people controlled by a few institutions is not only a huge injustice but it is also preventing the world from an equal distribution of wealth.


Our mission to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build an approachable Prediction Market platform which will enable the free flow of useful information and statistical data along with streamlined communication between brokers and investors based on the Blockchain with utility tokens/coins.


On The Global Scale

Financial Crisis
Fake Predictions
Fraudulent Research


Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

Blockchain & Oracles

Prediction Markets can also enable a more efficient and up-to-date world. These markets and Oracles will link the real world proceedings to the Blockchain for 100% tempered free, hacked proof and immutable information and consensus algorithm between the users create NAi one of the finest platform.

Distributed Queries & Search

NAi enables anybody to ask queries and search for the answers. This will create new economic opportunities for subject matter experts.. The power of “Search” is distributed and inclusive.  Decentralized & distributed environment for the searches and queries no control of any centralized institutions.

Prediction Market Platform

NAi looks to establish a global and open Prediction Market platform with a solo liquidity pool. This infinite resource enables the modest creation of custom Prediction Market applications & represents a flexible marketplace Blockchain Oracle services based on Wisdom of Crowd on top of Smart Contact.

Distibution of Tokens

  • 70% Token Sale Program
  • 13% Reserve Fund
  • 9% Team and Founders
  • 2% Board Advisors
  • 1% Airdrop/Bounty
  • 40% Engineering and Development
  • 12% Business Development
  • 20% Marketing & Promotion
  • 10% Legal & Regulation
  • 8% Operational & Administration
  • 10% Contingency & Partners
Token Supply (NAi) 20000000
Token For Public 15000000
Hardcap (NAi) $8000000 (USD)
ICO Token Price $1.30
Softcap (NAi) $1000000 (USD)
Accepted Currency BTC/ETH/LTC
  • Token Symbol NAi
  • Contract 0xA07519032c24799354b6EFEDD38C3B704226B2F2
  • Public Sale Starts 24 Sep 2018
  • Public Sale Ends 23 Jan 2019
  • Token Price 1.30 USD
  • Tokens for Sale 15M NAi
  • Specification NAi (ERC223/20)
  • Max. Circulating Supply 20000000
  • Sale Duration 4 Months
  • Airdrop Yes
  • Bounty Yes



Tech Team

Patrik Isaksson
AI Evangelist
Akhat Grant
Communit Manager (Telegram)
Abdul Sami
Lead Blockchain Developer
Shahroze Kashif
Social Media Expert

Board Advisors

Alex Bertlin
Socail Media Marketing
Lisa Calkins
Jayper Sanchez
Strategy & Development
Shahmeer Amir
Cyber Security

Our Partners