For The First Time In The World. Blockchain Based Artificial Intelligence and Wisdom of Crowd for The World Financial Markets.

We have burnt 180 Million Tokens out of 200 Million Total supply and resultantly due to the reduced supply of Tokens, the token price is now being offered at $1.30 with 15% Discount till November 15th, 2018.
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Introducing Nai, A Platform promising to predict the future

World’s first ever Asset Predication platform soon to be launched

BUSINESSThis Platform That Will Disrupt The Financial Market

World’s first ever Asset Predication platform soon to be launched

World’s first ever Asset Predication platform soon to be launched

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Top five companies across 4 countries, 250 strong team, 300 years of combined technology experience, Ph.D. scholars in Blockchain technology, one common goal.
To create a solution for the financial markets’ biggest problem, that has never been addressed before till this day. And that problem is that over a billion investors around the world want to know the direction of their financial asset. Which way is it going to go? And in today’s world, with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, 50 years of data available on 24,000 listed stocks around the world in capital markets, forex, and commodities, along with “Wisdom Of The Crowd” phenomenon and “Prediction Markets Platform”, investors should have the right to know the direction of their investment.
And this is where Nai European Technologies, comes in. We are developing a platform combined with all of the above-mentioned technologies to serve the needs of the investors around the world.

Now the investors can confidently invest, may it be in stocks, commodities, Forex or metals without getting influenced by the investment banks that try to control the asset direction by their sometimes biased reports and analysis. The financial crisis of 2008 has been the biggest learning experience for investors of what manipulation by investment banks does to common investors. While artificial intelligence is landing satellites on planets, driving cars without humans, defending national borders of countries, why should it not serve the needs of the investors around the world with unbiased prediction markets results?

Our Core

What is NAi?

Prediction markets based on BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence are assured to become one of the most sought after technologies in the Capital Markets and the Data-driven Science, since the launch of the information revolution. The Prediction Markets have, however, yet to draw the attention in the empire of foretelling and policymaking regardless of their acknowledged efficiency for the accumulated statistical information. This is mainly due to the regulations in most of the world's primary financial sectors. By the means of powerful, potent, computing techniques, such as; Ethereum and Bitcoin, the technical consideration of the market-based prediction can proceed at a percentage and scale, formerly non-existent. For a Prediction Market platform to turn into profoundly innovative, it should be worldwide and make out from a Global Liquidity Pool.

The platform must be distributed and untrustworthy for such a Liquidity Pool to prevail. Having these requirements in consideration, the NAi team has chosen the Ethereum Network as the major convention upon which the platform will be constructed.

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Financial Market

Why Prediction Markets for The Financial World?

The biggest problem financial markets have been facing since its advent is the control of information in few hands. May it be the stock market, Forex market, Commodities, and Metals market or the sovereign or corporate debt market. About one billion people invest in such markets around the world and not more than 20 institutions control the flow of information and predictive directions of the overall markets or its, listed assets, individually. One billion people are about 15% of the world population and to have such a large group of people controlled by a few institutions is not only a huge injustice but it is also preventing the world from an equal distribution of wealth.

These institutions are the cause of, if not all, financial crisis around the world. Wrong predictions. Inside information based opinions. Front Running. Controlling what the investor sees, to outright fraudulent research. If they get caught, the pay a small fine to the regulators and the same cycle continues until it happens again. In this day and age of free flow of information, why is no financial institution coming up with a decentralized platform predicting the financial markets through Artificial Intelligence based application & the “Wisdom of the Crowd” principle? Because it goes against their principle. Once they lose the grip on prediction and forecasting to the hands of the general public around the globe, they can never regain it.

Our Solution

Artificial Intelligence

Never before Artificial Intelligence been applied with BlockChain on any platform for financial forecasting. NAi plans to be the leader in this field. Not only we will allow the 1 billion investors around the world to predict asset direction, we plan to use the power of Ai to predict the direction of the markets all the way down to individual asset such as a stock, commodity, currency, bond or Crypto Currencies, etc. The most accurate form of Ai based prediction will be now available to the entire globe through this platform. The world of investments is about to change forever. Get ready.

NAi Artificial Intelligence Model

Micro Financial Analysis:

Platform development comprises of building upon and securing fundamental smart contracts, added frameworks; such as a comprehensive Oracle market, trading, and management interfaces, service level app templates and customization tools, and integration with the future Ethereum substructures like state channels and stable coins. From a micro financial perspective, a financial market could be highly influenced by the use of AI

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Our Mission - The NAi Mission

Our mission is to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build an approachable Prediction Market platform which will enable the free flow of useful information and statistical data along with streamlined communication between brokers and investors.


Million USD — expected revenue of coins by 2020


Million potential clients worldwide


No borders for international payments


Faster transaction


How it all Started

We Came Up With A Solution

The solution is embedded in a BlockChain based “Prediction Markets” platform through ‘Wisdom Of The Crowd” and Artificial Intelligence analysis capabilities. Now an investor in Europe, or Asia or China or The Americas, can know in advance what the majority of the 1 billion investors are thinking about an asset class, may it be a stock, a commodity or a currency. People with experience and novices alike will be part of a pool where they can create a question about a particular asset per say, immediately have access to billions of opinions from around the world, the artificial intelligence capabilities will sort out the most likely scenarios based on multiple attributes collected from a through Big Data funnel.

It will then distribute this date based on various sentiments and create an authentic series of answers which will keep on getting refined until it comes up with the most probable scenario.


We Identified A Huge Problem

The problem we identified is that over a billion investors around the world have to depend on just a handful of financial institutions to make investment decisions. In this day and age of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology, they have no way of communicating and receiving guidance from each other. Let it be a stock, an index, a commodity or a currency, the only way they can form an opinion about them is to follow the opinion of a few financial institutions.

One billion people following a few institutions who have historically not only made mistakes but, in some cases, have caused the world financial crisis. Investors from 194 countries around the world do not have a single BlockChain based platform where “Wisdom of The Crowd” coupled with Artificial Intelligence is guiding them in making wise and sound financial decisions. For example, an investor in Europe goes to sleep and wakes up to surprises in his financial asset class, may it be a stock, a commodity or a Crypto investment. He has no way of looking at a predictive analysis-based opinion of the investors through “Wisdom Of The Crowd” prediction markets coupled with a solution based on Artificial Intelligence, around the world in advance. The problem has been identified and here is the solution.

This is how the process will work

An investor sitting in Germany wants to get an opinion for a stock being traded on Tokyo Stock Exchange;

Assumption – 1:

For all major scenarios, NAi is setting a timeframe – Start and Stop.

Scenario 1:

German investor has never invested in Japanese Market ever before;

  • German Investor is looking to invest in Japanese Stock Market and requires information towards the best stocks available.
  • Via NAi, he can post a query and can get various opinions from the general public as well as the experienced investors.
  • Once posted this goes out to the crowd for unbiased and individual opinions

a. Every single person providing opinion towards this query is himself/ herself whetted through the system using BlockChain technology and is ranked against certain attributes.

b. No opinion is a wasted opinion, success or failure scenarios directly affect the ranking of an individual.

  • While the crowd is answering the query, this query is getting analyzed on runtime by the Artificial intelligence-based systems and probable answers are getting generated.

Scenario 2:

Experienced German investor in the Japanese market.

  • German investor has experience in investing in the Japanese market and has raised the query to whet his own opinion.
  • Similarly, a verified crowd can start answering this query which is getting analyzed and probable answers are getting generated.
  • Eventually, this decentralized system which is comparing the opinions with the bulk of historical data already available in the NAi data centers creating funnels of information and performing the predictive analysis can come up with the most likely scenarios.

 Assumption – 2:

We are not setting a timeframe for this query and allowing the opinions to get changed/ updated on the runtime basis. Once NAi receives a query which is not time based it keeps the pool of answers getting updated and opinions getting enhanced. In such scenarios users can themselves set a limit to get an answer. The most probable answer will be available for that particular time frame.

Token Price Projections

There are close to 1 billion investors around the world in financial markets including Stock, Bonds, Commodities, Forex, and Derivatives. The value of acquired users on any financial platform varies from $300-$650 per registered users.

Taking the lowest of estimations and taking into the account that this is the first of its kind revolutionary platform in the world, let’s consider the lowest growth rate when it comes to the user acquisition. Even if NAi acquires just 1% of the total investors out there, that will equal 10 million in the first 2 years and at a minimum of $450/user instead of the higher side of $650/user.

10 million users x 450 = $4.5 Billion

4.5 Billion / 200 Million Tokens = $22.50/Token (Current Price = $1)

Projection Graph
Token structure

Distibution of Tokens

The token vending during the token launch is known as the NAi Token. This is the time when these tokens can be created, so, therefore, the total supply of NAi Token is stable. Market compatible fees will be charged to the participants on the NAi Services. These fees will be denominated in the cryptocurrency, in the beginning. NAi aims to not only create exciting software, but also a community for those who are interested in sharing the knowledge and wisdom.

  • 75% Distribute to Community
  • 13% Reserved Funding
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 2% Advisors
  • 1% Bounty campaign

Token Sale

Start: August 23rd, 2018, 00:00AM (GMT))
Hard cap: $8.0M
Soft cap: $1M
Token: NAi
Exchange rate: 1.30 USD = 1 NAi
Discount: 15%
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

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