Up until now, there has never been a source to bring two billion investors worldwide into one platform. BlockChain based platform for investors does not exist. On top of it, Wisdom Of The Crowd prediction markets has never been developed. Artificial Intelligence has never been applied before on BlockChain. Add this all up together and you will have an absolute clarity about the direction of your investments. Your decisions will be guided by three forces at once. Ai. Wisdom Of The Crowd and BlockChain based Prediction Markets. The Founders are geniuses in their fields, one of them being Forbes 30 Under 30 successful people of the world. Another one the world’s number 2 cybersecurity expert at the age of 21 and a Ph.D. scholar at the same time. Another is a Founder of Hacken, one of the worlds foremost startup with advisors such as John Mcafee, of the Mcafee Anti Virus software.

The token holders will be a benefit in multiple ways. They can use their tokens on the platform or trade them when the tokens are listed on multiple exchanges. We expect the token value to increase considerably in the future once the platform is built.

The only other company working on Wisdom Of The Crowd Prediction Markets in the world is AUGUR. AUGUR does not work in the financial markets and is not using Artificial Intelligence. It works in the field of “Sports Betting Markets”. It had its ICO successfully completed about 24 months ago and the token price has increased from $1 to $123 dollars in that period

Citizens of any country can buy NAi tokens except Singapore and USA. Please refer to your country guidelines as NarushnAi does not promote any investment from any investors with restrictions in their country.

We are absolutely confident based on our Founders’ Credibility, experience in their respective fields and the need for the idea and the immediate problem it solves for the investors that we will reach our Hard Cap with ease. However, the soft cap has been set at $1.5 million dollars and just in case that we do not reach our soft target, all the raised funds will be returned to the wallets of the participants by the exchange automatically.

We will list NAi tokens on multiple exchanges within 4 weeks of the completion of the ICO. All preparations have been already made and are in place.

All this data is available at a cost from world renowned companies going back almost one century. Part of the funds raised will be used to get a constant flow of up to date data from such renowned financial services data companies.

This platform is for everyone across the world. It’s not against a broker rather it is there to enhance their services to the common investors without a danger of biased or manipulated opinion. Three screening processes, Ai, Wisdom of The Crowd and Prediction Markets based on Big Data will provide an almost near perfect opinion of the direction of any stock, index or commodity.

We will be putting a hard cap at $8 million. We believe that it should help us reach the first cornerstone of our project with ease. The second or the 3rd round of fundraising will be decided by the Board Of Advisors at a later stage and will be at a much higher price, obviously.

Yes. It has always been our belief that you reward the ones who believed in your ideas from the beginning. On each $1 token that you hold, you will get an additional 20% tokens per year for the first 3 years. This will not only enhance your investment in these utility tokens but will give you a cushion for any volatility in price if any. Compounded annually along with the expected price increase, your investment will give you handsome rewards within the next few years.

See the chart for exact scenarios of investment value increase.