New Team Members

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NAi Technologies Europe Limited

12 Constance Street, London.

United Kingdom, E16 2DQ

Press Release

NAi Technologies Europe is proud to announce two new additions to its team.

Dr. Atif Farid, PhD, who is a Senior Data Scientist with specific interest in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, Machine/Deep learning with natural language processing joins the top level NAi team with decades of experience from Bank of America, American Express and Unisys and as a Professor of Blockchain System Architecture at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Dr. Farid’s experience in Blockchain and Ai will be the guiding light to deliver the platform to hundreds of millions of investors around the world. His knowledge and experience of the financial services industry along with his grip on the subjects of Ai and Blockchain is the core team requirement of NAi.
“The success of NAi is my success”. Dr. Atif Farid


Mr. Ahmed Hamdhan, A Senior Program Director at Microsoft Head Quarters at Greater Seattle Area, for the last 9 years as his most recent assignment in managing large scale infrastructure projects, is a solid addition to NAi. Hamdhan, with over 20 years of experience in program management of financial services providers, and an absolute grip on the subject of Blockchain for over a decade, Hamdhan will play a major role in delivery of the planned project.

“We need to revolutionize the financial industry with Blockchain, Ai and Machine Learning. Investors around the world need to be empowered to take investment decisions based on technological advancements in “Prediction Markets”.  And NAi Technologies is the company that will deliver this promise.” Ahmed Hamdhan