Step by Step Process to Buy NAi Tokens

How to Buy NAi Tokens?

Buying Nai Tokens is a very simple process.

1- You can use Bitcoin, Ether or LiteCoin to buy Nai Tokens or you can use your Credit/ Debit Cards.

2- If you already have a wallet and own BitCoin or Ether please use Login to Account and Use COINPAYMENT for buying NAi Tokens.

3- You can use BLOCK.IO if buying NAi Tokens using Litecoin.

4- You do not need to create a wallet if Buying Directly from the NAi User Panel.

For Credit Card Purchasers Only, follow the instructions below;
5- If you DO NOT OWN any of the Crypto Currencies above and want to use your Credit Card through a Secure Payment Processor you can use or to buy Ether, BitCoin and LiteCoin and use them to buy NAi Tokens.

5a- You will have to first create an account by clicking on either of the above links to buy either Ether, BitCoin or LiteCoin and once you have purchased any of these currencies through your Credit Card, you can now use these currencies to buy NAi Tokens.

5b- Please login/ signup on our NAi Token Sales Panel  , Click on BUY NOW on our currently running ICO Block and choose your payment method.

5c- Now you can use your purchased Ether, BitCoin or LiteCoin to buy NAi Tokens. Use  COINPAYMENTS for Ether or Bitcoin Payments & you can use BLOCKIO for payments in LiteCoin from the Payment Method Blocks.

You Need Help Using CEX.IO – Please click here  Or If you Need help buying through Remitano, please click here

It’s that Simple!